What Are the Best Allergy Treatments for Seasonal Allergies?

Every time I turn around, there is a new allergy medication available. It is so hard to figure out what to stick with, especially when so many of these medications were formerly available with prescriptions only.

I tried Allegra, and while it worked it gave me a headache. I switched back to my former medication, Claritin, but I always feel like that costs such a fortune (unlike cost of term life insurance)?

Then I decided to try the nasal spray formulas. These work great but I have to say that one brand is much better than the other. I think its Nasacort which delivers great results fast without any side effects. The other one, Flonase, worked but I swear I could not see the day after I tried it.

The medication worked but it made my vision blur. I’m not so sure that happens to a lot of people but my doctor said that it could. Overall, I still am looking for a general opinion about what the best medications are for seasonal allergies.

I want something over the counter, that I can afford and that works rather fast. I tend to avoid taking anything that takes two days to take effect.