How to Get Over 34 Gigabytes of Cloud Storage Free

Otixo Cloud Management

Do you need more free cloud storage space? Why not sign up for another free account at another cloud storage provider? I know why I have not been doing that. I have not done it because it is a pain to keep track of what I have saved where and I know I would find it a hassle to keep logging into several different free cloud storage accounts.

Now you can use to manage all of you free cloud storage accounts using one login. Fantastic I know. What’s the catch? The catch is that you can “only’ use 2 GB of bandwidth a month free.  Upgrading to unlimited bandwidth will cost you $9.99 a month.

The free account will work fine if you are using it to back up pictures, videos, music, etc. If you are going to be actively using a cloud storage account for a graphic design company or something that uses a lot of bandwidth, this option may not work for you. For example, I do not think it would work with my Dropbox account because I do all of my work inside my Dropbox folder, so it is constantly updating and syncing with my other computers.

Below I have listed the free cloud storage provides that offer large free accounts. If you sign up for all of them and use to manage your file backups, you can use 34.5 GB of cloud storage space free. You can get even more space if you use some of the smaller cloud storage websites. The easiest way to find the smaller company is to simply see what other services supports.

Free Cloud Storage Overview

DropBox  offers 2GB of storage free. You can get 2.5 GB if you click-through my link. DropBox currently offers seamless integration between the most platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) of all the cloud services. First pay tier is 50GB for $9.99.

Google Drive offers 5 GB of storage space for documents, videos and photos free. If you need more space, you’ll pay $2.49 each month for up to 25 GB. This 25 GB can be split between your Google Drive and Picasa account.

Apple’s iCloud service also offers 5GB of storage free, and your files seamlessly integrate between all of you devices. 20 GB will cost you $20 a year.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive offers 7 GB of storage free, and you can purchase 20GB for only $10 a year, by far the cheapest price.

Box  offer 5 GB, but they have the highest prices after the free service. 25 GB will cost you $9.99 / month.

Amazon Webservices offers 5 GB free with the most complicated free tier system I have ever seen. Click on the link if you don’t believe me.

SugarSync allows you to get another 5 GB of free storage.