Too Much Customer Service Can Be A Bad Thing

Too much customer service can quickly turn into a negative for a company. Here are two examples from the same company. I read Andrea’s excellent post Is Customer Service Still a Thing? WHERE IS IT? and I thought about a company that thinks it providing good customer service. This company is smothering me in company service to the point of borderline harassment.

Stop Calling Me Please

There is a company that calls me so often, I have had to change the contact information in my phone to “Spam.” (Quick background: This company has service technicians that make repairs and maintain industrial equipment) They call every week asking me if everything is going well with our equipment. Do we need this or that done?

I understand that they are trying to stay in contact with me so I don’t forget about them, but I really don’t have the time or patience to answer your questions about my equipment. I will call you when I need your services.

This is the equivalent of your auto mechanic calling you up once a month and saying, “Hey buddy, how are your cars driving? Do you need an alignment? What about new tires? You know we can also rebuild your engine or transmission if you think you need that done? As a matter of fact, I can even sell you a new car if you don’t want your current one repaired. Well, it has been good talking to you. Let me know if we can help you out.”

That last line of “Let me know if we can help you out” is how this company actually ends their phone call with me. I want to say to them, “I don’t really see why I need to call you, you call me often enough to where I could just wait a few a days and you would be calling me.”

One last thing on the phone calls. I don’t even answer when they call anymore and apparently they keep everything in a database. In the message I got yesterday they stated that they have not talked to me since June. That right, that is the last time I answered the phone when you called was in fact June.

I Do Not Want to be on Your Email List

Just because we have conversed through email does not mean I want you to email me your current special pricing. I do not want to receive your newsletter either.

This company never asked me if I wanted to receive email updates, they just signed me up for them. The worst part is at the end of these emails there is now way to unsubscribe, which leads me to believe they are just using an email list within their email account.

This is one of those strange examples of a company having way too much customer service. It is important for a company to have good customer service, but it can hurt the company overall if they take customer service too far.

Do you have any similar experiences with too much customer service or excessive check in calls from a service provider?